Hot Deal

Drop In Passes
Not only do we have drop in passes, but you can buy a 6-pack for 25 bucks, or a dirty dozen (12) FOR $50!!!!

If you want after hours to go with this, it'll cost you $5 whole dollars! That's it!! surprise Wooh!!!!

I do have price lists for either drop in, or monthly, so let's connect! Shoot me your email, and I'll email you a copy for your office!

My office hours weekdays are 6-8am, 11-1pm, and 4-9pm. Will definitely change these times to accommodate. For now, it works.

So let's move people! Fitness gives you quality of life!!! With these prices, there really are no excuses.
Contact Information
phone: 250-622-2348
Offer Begins: March 5, 2017
Prince Rupert & District Chamber of Commerce


Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce 100-515 3rd Ave Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1L9 T 250-624-2296